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This Can’t Be Normal

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hard at work. Every spare minute has been spent hunched over the keyboard, editing my manuscript. I’ve neglected this blog, Twitter, and the Internet in general, remaining oblivious to world events. There’s … Continue reading

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A Peek Behind the Curtain

This past fall a small group of writer friends and I attended the annual Moonlight & Magnolias conference in Atlanta. There were novels given away for free, of course, but since one can never have too many books, I bought … Continue reading

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Blessings from My Office Chair

Blessed are my writing partners/critique buddies, who’ve given me a one-hour massage gift certificate during this time of great stress. These women are talented and generous and they ROCK. Blessed is my daughter, who navigates the daily dramas of middle … Continue reading

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The Passing

My brother passed away yesterday morning, after a nearly 21-month battle with lung cancer. He may have had cancer, but cancer never had him. Not until the end. I never had anything but awe and admiration for this man. There … Continue reading

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2012 Goals

Write your goals down; make them public so you’ll be held accountable. (Note: If you post this to your blog, then… check!) Take Tucker out for a walk at least several times a week. You both need the exercise. Spend … Continue reading

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Losing the War

In the beginning were my brothers. I was the last of four and the only daughter. The youngest of my brothers was four years older than me. He was athletic, smart, and popular. The other two were older still, and … Continue reading

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Now I Get It

On the way home from college one weekend (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I stopped by my brother’s house. It was Friday evening, but the night was young. After stepping into the living room, I was astonished to notice … Continue reading

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