All’s Fair

The house is quiet. My husband is out fishing today. My daughter left a few minutes ago to ride up to Raleigh with some of my other family members. They’ll be visiting the North Carolina State Fair tomorrow, spending what’s expected to be a beautiful, sunny day having fun. Riding rides, looking at exhibits and eating fried foods that are not normally fried.

No fair!I, in the meantime, will be spending tomorrow afternoon getting a root canal, because life is just that fair.

Same word–fair. Vastly different meaning.

I’d rather have theirs.

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Rendezvous With My Other Love

Yesterday afternoon was perfect. Sunny, mid-70s — a beautiful fall day. So I scratched an itch I’d been having and indulged myself by meeting up with my other love — classic cars.

Kannapolis Cruise-InKannapolis brought back their monthly cruise-in events this year, but for the most part, those days have been heralded by rain and chilly winds. Yesterday was my chance, and I grabbed it.

There’s nothing quite like walking around looking at beautiful cars. There’s something for everybody. (In the case of my daughter and her cousin, it’s funnel cake and burgers. I can only hope she’ll pick up some of my family’s car obsession by osmosis.)

I gravitate toward mid-’60s Ford Mustang convertibles and late-’50s Chevrolet trucks, especially the step-sides. There was a bright red one there yesterday I would have bought on the spot if I had any money to spend.

One of my three big brothers was with me, and they all have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of cars. So I found myself being quizzed about what year a Camaro was based on whether it had a vent window and what year a Bel-Air was based on whether it had fins and the shape of its tail lights. I may have learned a thing or two, but I’m sure I forgot it all by the time I got back to my own boring Explorer. Why learn all that stuff when I can just ask one of them?

There’s only one Cruise-In left for the year. Here’s hoping Nov. 12 will be another beautiful day!

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One White Room To Go, Please

The Moonlight & Magnolias conference is over, and I’m happy to report we all lived. 

Not that we weren’t pee-in-your-pants nervous about the editor/agent appointments, ’cause we were. But after all our hard work to memorize our pitches, we learned that the memorization wasn’t as important as knowing the material. Makes sense when you think about it, but as far as we knew, a pitch session was going to be only slightly less painful than being burned at the stake. 

The conference itself was awesome, and it was amazing to meet so many talented people. The schedule was jam-packed with workshops and seminars from first thing in the morning until way past my usual bedtime. Every one of us agreed we learned things we can put to use in our writing right now, and that’s invaluable.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz....Of course, when I say ‘right now,’ I mean ‘when we recover.’ We drove home in a state of complete burnout. The extroverts in the group were able to keep chatting, but the introverts (like me) were barely able to keep from curling into a fetal position. It may take a few days of rest, preferably in a white room with no stimulus, to get past the information overload and the lack of sleep.

Once I’m past my catatonic state, I’ll see if I can relate a few tidbits. As usual, all names will be withheld to protect the guilty. 🙂

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How To Recognize Me

Okay. I just need to calm down.

My critique partners and I are leaving in the morning for the Moonlight & Magnolias conference, hosted by the Georgia Romance Writers group. And I’m almost too excited to sit still.

There are six of us riding to Atlanta together, squeezing into one minivan along with our luggage, laptops, garment bags, straightening irons, curling irons, chocolate and whatever else is deemed essential to a successful trip.

OMG I can't believe I'm here!!!If you’re going, here’s how you can recognize me. I’ll be wearing this face the entire time. If you see me, say hello and tell me to wipe that look off my face.

This is my first conference, so I have no idea what to expect. There are tons of seminars and workshops, along with guest speakers and a book fair. I’ll be pitching my manuscript to two agents. I don’t stop to think about that, because if I did I’d be too petrified to keep going.

Even if I freeze up and do nothing but sit there and drool in front of the agents, I won’t come home unhappy. This thing is bound to be a good time, if only for the company I’ll be keeping. My critique partners are strong, talented, amazing women bound for publication.

And if you give ’em a little wine, they’re a hoot, too.

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Excuse Me, But Your Geek Is Showing

So, you know we just moved into a new house, right? I finally have my own office, instead of taking up space in the guest room. Naturally, the first thing I did was order the appropriate wall decor to celebrate.

Harry Potter Movie PostersThese movie posters are awesome. (And humongous!) My daughter walked in yesterday and her jaw fell all the way to the floor, so I’m thinking they’re a hit with her.

Home Office Made AwesomeYes, I’m a huge Harry Potter geek. Having a poster from the first movie (“Let the Magic Begin”) and from the last movie (“It All Ends”) seems fitting. And they make my office walls very happy.

A Happy Home OfficeYou’ll be able to tell by the photos that I’m not completely unpacked or organized in here, but first things first, right?

So ignore me while I squee away the time, glancing up at my wall every few minutes. These things may keep me too distracted for anything else!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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So Simple, So Tough

Not long ago, I ran across a list of published authors and their associated websites. Having access to all the sites at one time, so that I could open them up one right after the other, was an enlightening experience.

With some authors, as soon as the main page opened, BAM! I knew exactly what kind of books they wrote. Exactly what kind of playground they played in. Some had great websites. Others, not so much, but still, their genre was crystal clear.

With other authors, I’d open the main page and have to hunt around, looking for clues about what kind of books they’d published. And hunt. And hunt. I gave up on one or two without ever figuring it out.

It’s a simple thing to do, yet I was surprised at how many authors had missed it. Think about that. Here are published authors communicating with the world in their own private domain, and I can’t draw a bead on exactly what kind of books they write. That’s not good.

So I looked at my own small site to see how I might compare. I’m not published yet, so I can’t splash photos of my books across the banner, but I have updated the information under my photo — over there on the right. (Yeah, I know. My hair’s too short in that picture. It’s longer now, so I’ll swap that out when/if there’s ever another decent picture of me.)

Now, any people who stumble across this site will be able to tell right away that I write contemporary romance. It’s a small thing, but it makes me feel better.


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*gasp!* *ooh!* *aah!*

Poof!How about that vanishing act, huh? I completely disappeared for two weeks. No tweets, no Facebook postings, no blog postings, nothing. Nada.

Not good for any chances I had of building any kind of site following, but I had good reasons. First, one of my brothers was in the hospital. That caused major stomach-clenching stress. (He’s back home now, thank goodness.) Second, we closed on the new house and moved. Also stressful.

I guess I should say we “are moving,” because it’s still going on. Now I have TWO houses upside down. If I ever have to move again, God forbid, it won’t be four tubs and a handful of boxes at a time. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

But it’ll all be over at some point, and it’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, ta-da! I’m back. I missed you guys!

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