So Simple, So Tough

Not long ago, I ran across a list of published authors and their associated websites. Having access to all the sites at one time, so that I could open them up one right after the other, was an enlightening experience.

With some authors, as soon as the main page opened, BAM! I knew exactly what kind of books they wrote. Exactly what kind of playground they played in. Some had great websites. Others, not so much, but still, their genre was crystal clear.

With other authors, I’d open the main page and have to hunt around, looking for clues about what kind of books they’d published. And hunt. And hunt. I gave up on one or two without ever figuring it out.

It’s a simple thing to do, yet I was surprised at how many authors had missed it. Think about that. Here are published authors communicating with the world in their own private domain, and I can’t draw a bead on exactly what kind of books they write. That’s not good.

So I looked at my own small site to see how I might compare. I’m not published yet, so I can’t splash photos of my books across the banner, but I have updated the information under my photo — over there on the right. (Yeah, I know. My hair’s too short in that picture. It’s longer now, so I’ll swap that out when/if there’s ever another decent picture of me.)

Now, any people who stumble across this site will be able to tell right away that I write contemporary romance. It’s a small thing, but it makes me feel better.


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11 Responses to So Simple, So Tough

  1. I’ve never thought about it before, but you are right. As a published author, wouldn’t you want your website to be glamorized? Like you, I’m not published either, but I’m proud of my website and for what it stands for.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Hallo Sherri. You really made me think with this one. Thanks! First of all, just reading your piece of text (what is it – not a poem, not a haiku, not a story), I thought you are a man. Why is that, I dont know but it is interesting 🙂
    Then I am asking my self – what do I tell people about me and my own writing at my siite. You pointed your finger at a good question to ask. Would you please be able to chesk out my blog and tell me what you think about it? Ant feedback would be appreciated, both the good and the “bad”… LOL. Then I wonder – is it really a bad thing not to anser the qwuestion what do I write? Maybe it is good if people have to look arround? Getting to know me…
    Looking at your site (starting at your HOME) the first thing I think is DELETE the “future” author thing underneith your pic. Have some proud in yourself! 🙂 Everyone is a future something, but you are getting published at your blog every day. You write, you are an author. That future thing makes you less interesting…
    Opening your bookshelf I got a bit dissapointed… You know, you can publish you own poems, blog notes or what ever.. I expected your books to be there. Maybe you can publish an excert from you book, the one you write? But it seems to be easy to find my way arround in your blog.
    Most of all – you are a good reader. You caught my attention, made me think really hard, and you made me write the longest comment to a blog ever 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, and when you get published, please let me know.

    • Hi, Maggie — thank you for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to review my site.

      I tried to click around a bit on yours. While the organization of it seemed clear, I’m afraid I can’t speak to the content, since it’s not written in a language I know how to read! 🙂

      Good luck to you with all your writing endeavors!

  3. Comment-…. gosh.. I ment you are a good writer.

  4. Having just checked out a bunch of author’s sites to pick one to review my pitch for an upcoming conference, I had the same thought. I was looking to see what they write and I wanted that to be easy and not waste my time. Keeping me there longer digging won’t entice me to read their books if they aren’t a genre I enjoy. And it made me realize that navigating a website should be easy, layouts clean and links working! Maybe that’s why I haven’t started one yet! lol Thanks for the insights. Glad to know I’m not alone in my thinking.

  5. Sherry Isaac says:

    Awesome point, Sherri. I’ve recently had a couple of instances where I have had lists of sites to visit. Never mind genre, many were not obvious writer sites! And a few, could not find the owner’s name. What are those people thinking?

  6. Please Sherri, try again. I did a change at my setting, so that clicking at my name (profile) you´ll end up at my English site. If that does not work here is the address:
    It is Kaleidoscope, my English blog. I would appreciate you comments, good or bad 🙂

    • Thanks, Maggie! I finally had a chance to look over everything. It’s a very nice site! You’ve got lots of interesting stuff out there. And you’ve definitely had a very interesting life!

      Congratulations on being published!

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