*gasp!* *ooh!* *aah!*

Poof!How about that vanishing act, huh? I completely disappeared for two weeks. No tweets, no Facebook postings, no blog postings, nothing. Nada.

Not good for any chances I had of building any kind of site following, but I had good reasons. First, one of my brothers was in the hospital. That caused major stomach-clenching stress. (He’s back home now, thank goodness.) Second, we closed on the new house and moved. Also stressful.

I guess I should say we “are moving,” because it’s still going on. Now I have TWO houses upside down. If I ever have to move again, God forbid, it won’t be four tubs and a handful of boxes at a time. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

But it’ll all be over at some point, and it’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, ta-da! I’m back. I missed you guys!

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5 Responses to Poof!

  1. It will be worth it once you get through the suck.

  2. My husband or myself are not military, but all I can say is the next time we want to do that, I’ve got to get someone else to do it for me. What a nightmare.

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