Random Stuff

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my 12-year-old — squeeeeeee!! As soon as she walks out the front door in the morning, I may run screaming around the house. I love her more than my own life, but she drives me crazy! She was bored about 10 minutes after school let out in June. Not to mention how difficult it is to concentrate on writing/editing/polishing when she’s on her computer in the same room, giggling over stuff on Facebook.

If I could share one word of wisdom with all husbands everywhere, it would be this one: Flush.

I’m not actively writing right now, so I set goals for polishing my work in progress. Naturally, as soon as I set them, I broke every one. Goals are like New Year’s resolutions for me — they just don’t work. They weigh on my mind until I crack from the pressure. Enough already! Quit worrying about the goal and just do it — that works better for me.

Since I’ve started blogging, the time I spend reading stuff on Twitter and Facebook has expanded exponentially. How do people find the time to do all this and write?

Earlier today I got an e-mail from a fellow CRW member about the book “Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey” by Chuck Wendig. I was snorting coffee through my nose just reading the preview — it’s that funny. For more from Wendig, read his blog.

What’s the point in cooking? I don’t get it. Why take the time and trouble to fuss over something you can’t keep? If I lived by myself, I bet I could eat a bowl of cereal every night for dinner and be perfectly happy.

Why did I get a dog? We have 65 pounds of Australian shepherd shedding all over the house. That’s it. Just — why?

Y’all have a good evening…

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One Response to Random Stuff

  1. HILARIOUS!!! Love it! I did a little dance to my car after dropping my son off at school this morning. I also agree about the dogs – I got two – labs. You can call me Hairy Betty. I’m looking for the doggie vacuum. something that sucks up the hair while brushing LOL

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