Dear Friday

Let’s get a few things straight.

I asked to use you as a vacation day from work, for the express purpose of manuscript editing.

You should know that as long as I’m on my first cup of coffee, I have permission to check emails and have Twitter and Facebook open. But when I pour that second cup, that’s your signal to make me close down all the distractions and get to work. Got it?

Unlike the poor performance shown by other days this week, I hope you won’t allow me to wallow in those distractions until I look up to find that the day is half gone. It doesn’t matter if I’m still happy dancing that I’ve reached 25 fans on my Facebook page. It doesn’t matter that I’m shocked to have 30 whole followers on Twitter (30! Can you believe it?!). Your job is to reach out to smack me silly if I can’t focus on what this day is all about.

Other days have disappointed. I expect better from you, Friday.

Hugs and Kisses–ahem, I mean, Sincerely,


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3 Responses to Dear Friday

  1. Too Funny Sherri!!! Love it! Sat and Sun do the very same thing to me!!! EEK!

  2. Sounds like my past two days. I really need to be productive! But I guess I should check Twitter – real quick. Oh, and should I admit I linked here from FB? Okay, after lunch I’ll get away from the computer and read.

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