The Third Half

Beaufort, N.C., is a picturesque seaside town, whether you’re walking along the main drag, your head swiveling between the incredible homes along Front Street and the ocean view, or bobbing along in a little boat, taking in the town on one side and Carrot Island on the other.

My husband and I went into town several times to ooh and aah over the houses and the boats, and thought we were getting a pretty good feel for how the other half lives. (The half with disposable income. I’m not that familiar with the term.) That is, until the new kid on the block showed up. Suddenly it was clear that somehow there was a magical, mystery third half out there, and this was how they rolled.

The Mystique—view partially blocked by lesser beings“Mystique” is a 165-foot oceanfast luxury superyacht based in Nassau, Bahamas. Built in 1988 for a private owner, it’s now available as a charter—for a whopping $120,000 (US$) per week.

Think about it: Can you even imagine having $120,000 to just plunk down to rent a boat for a week? My husband mentioned the importance of getting off the boat in every port to “see and be seen,” but I disagreed. If I paid that kind of money for a week on a boat, I’d get every penny’s worth. They’d have to drag me kicking and screaming off that thing after the timer went off.

The sad thing is, even if I did have that kind of cash, which I don’t, I’d never do it. I’m way too practical to throw money away on a one-week, 25-knots thrill ride. For that kind of money, I could pay off my mortgage. Or buy a few really nice cars. Or put a kid through at least one year of college.

I can only dream about that way of life. Maybe my next heroine will be an heiress with funds like that at her disposal. I’d have to conduct some heavy-duty research, though, because it’s completely foreign to me.

I wonder if research for a novel is a good enough reason to get a free ride on the Mystique? 🙂

Cape Lookout lighthouse and Shackleford Banks mustangsHere’s one more picture of a few mustangs on Shackleford Banks, with a view of the Cape Lookout lighthouse…

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