Life Lesson

Never let the man plan the vacation. That’s today’s Life Lesson. Hear me, little girls: when you grow up and get married, no matter how wonderful he is, don’t let him plan the vacation!

We arrived today on Harkers Island, N.C., near Beaufort. It’s a nice area, and I’m looking forward to checking out all the little towns, doing some shopping, and going out on my husband’s boat.

The place where we’re staying is right by the water in a great location, but the accommodations are in the “roughing it” category. Actually, we’re so far past roughing it that I can’t even see roughing it in the rear view mirror.

The floors are tile, the window unit air conditioner rattles like it has black lung disease, and some of the kitchenette cabinets are padlocked. It’s a two-bed efficiency room, and they’ve done a pretty efficient job of sucking everything like a real hotel right outta here.

Even our dog is freaked out. We had to bring him with us, so maybe the whole problem is staying in a place that accepts pets anyway.

I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow. Then you’ll see!

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