Manuscript Avoidance

Here’s a picture from my last batch of cupcakes. Those swirl drop flowers are tough little suckers to work with. I piped them out the night before and put them on wax paper in the freezer, but the icing started to melt the instant I took them out. So they’re far from perfect, but I’m still learning.

I know: This isn’t about writing either. I think I’m avoiding my manuscript. I know I have manuscript guilt. I’ll bake cupcakes, read, surf the Internet or paint my bathroom before I’ll work on it.

It took every waking minute of my life for several weeks, so I had to have a break. But it’s time to pull up my big girl pants and get back to work. I’m polishing chapter 20 of 31, so I can’t stop now…

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2 Responses to Manuscript Avoidance

  1. I learned a long time ago, done is better than perfect and those cupcakes are adorable and look delish. Now that you’re over the writing burnout and wearing your big girl panties, I’m rooting for you to get the editing done on the book so I can read!!

    • Sherri Early (Webmistress?) says:

      Tracy!! You’re my first commenter, girl! How fun is that? 🙂

      Between writing burnout and day-job burnout, I’m a pile of ashes. But I’ll get on it. I promise!

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