Crossing a Line

Are developers now so desperate for land that they’ll build neighborhoods around areas that were previously left undisturbed?

This blog is supposed to be about writing… but sometimes you have to vent. My husband and I drove around our corner of the world for several hours yesterday afternoon, looking at homes for sale. I noticed what I hope isn’t a new trend: In one case, it’s an existing neighborhood; In others, it’s signs announcing the coming of new ones. In all cases, the land in question is immediately backed up to either side of a transmission line right of way.

Where previously back yards would back up against each other, now houses are built backed up to a transmission line right of way, allowing the towers to cut a huge swath between rows of homes.

It’s not a safety issue for me. Although some of the storms we’ve had this summer have brought down towers in neighboring counties. Can you imagine what would happen if one of those towers between houses came down?

It’s more a matter of aesthetics. I can honestly think of nothing uglier than having a huge power line in my back yard. I’d never buy a house in one of those neighborhoods, because I’d be convinced I’d never be able to resell it.

We have enough neighborhoods in our county–our schools and utility support systems are already strained.

Feel free to argue with me, but… when the only land left to grab is on either side of a transmission line, don’t you think it’s time to stop?

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