Instant Gratification

The life of a writer can be a tough one. If you’re unpublished (or ‘pre-published’ or whatever your favorite term might be), there’s no agent or editor providing ‘attagirls’ on a regular basis. Nobody to say, ‘Wow. You’re doing a great job. Please don’t give up.’

The whole process from manuscript to print can take years. And years are difficult things to stay encouraged through.

But I stumbled on something recently that provided instant feedback: Cake decorating.

I’ve wanted to take a class for a long time. (My mother, if she were alive, would die from shock. I refused to have anything to do with cooking while growing up. But baking isn’t really cooking, is it?)

After the second class, I posted a picture of a cupcake to Facebook, and within minutes, had feedback from folks I hadn’t heard from in ages.


“Did you make this? They look terrific!”

It was a really nice feeling to hear nice words about something I created, so I thought I’d try it again. After the last class, I posted pictures of my ‘final exam cake.’ Again, compliments poured in.

“This is amazing!”

“You must have gotten an A+!”

“So pretty! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll create!”

This kind of feedback is like crack. I wanted to go bake something the next day, just so I could post pictures of it to see what people would say. I guess after writing for so long, not knowing if anyone would ever be on the other end, it was gratifying to hear that people liked what I did and thought I had some talent.

It gave me just enough encouragement that I’m ready to get back to work on my manuscript.

And if my writing career never pans out, maybe I can get a job at Harris Teeter. 🙂

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